Grow your own Bradford Family Watermelon! In the same manner of generations of Bradford farmers before us, our seeds are selected annually from the best watermelons of our crop. We take special care to ensure that our heritage seeds have preserved the unique sweetness and tender rind of the Bradford watermelon. Purchase yours here!

Rind Pickles:
Probably nothing like you might expect from a watermelon rind, these are super crisp, perfectly sweet pickles. We have yet to meet somebody who hasn’t loved them! Made using a special recipe from Nat’s grandmother, “MaaMaa,” we are thrilled to bring them back! Purchase yours here!

Bradford Family Watermelon Brandy:
The 2015 Bradford Family Watermelon Brandy is handcrafted from the sweet juice of the Bradford Watermelon and is unbelievably smooth, with a clean, fruity finish. It is distilled and bottled in very limited quantities at Six & Twenty Distillery in upstate South Carolina and can be purchased now at the Six & Twenty Distillery store. Read more about it here.

Watermelon Molasses:
In two varieties, dark and red, our watermelon molasses captures the sweet, pure essence of watermelon juice in a bottle. Made exclusively from Bradford Family Watermelons, our molasses is used to accent dishes, make sauces, and create stout beers. Purchase yours here!

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