Six & Twenty Distillery and The Bradford Watermelon Company are pleased to announce the 2015 Bradford Family Watermelon Brandy. The brandy is handcrafted from the sweet juice of the Bradford Watermelon and is unbelievably smooth, with a clean, fruity finish. It is distilled and bottled in very limited quantities at Six & Twenty Distillery in upstate South Carolina and can be purchased now for $99.99 at the Six & Twenty Distillery store.


Brandy_03About Six & Twenty
For the 2015 Bradford Family Watermelon Brandy, The Bradford Watermelon Company partnered with Six & Twenty Distillery of Piedmont, South Carolina. Robert Redmond of Six & Twenty is a descendant of the infamous Southern moonshiner Louis Redmond, so pairing Bradford Watermelons grown by Nat Bradford himself with Six & Twenty’s deep roots in distilling history blends two strong, Southern stories and creates one distinctly Southern product.


About Our Brandy
In addition to its tender rind, the Bradford Watermelon has a naturally high sugar content. These natural sugars are ideal for consumption by the yeast prior to distillation. Six & Twenty partners David Raad and Robert Redmond carefully researched the nuances of the brandy-making process and the result is a taste right out of history. No doubt, they would make Louis Redmond proud.


About Our LabelBrandy_05
In the midst of planning our brandy project, tragedy struck our state as nine worshippers were murdered at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC. The moving forgiveness modeled by the survivors inspired many, and Nat Bradford felt the desire to use his product to help heal race relationships in a more meaningful way than simply removing a Confederate Battle Flag. “Flags go up and flags go down,” he said. “What we need to do is change people’s hearts. We need real communion, to eat together — to break bread together.” With that in mind, he placed nine stars on the brandy label to represent the nine who were murdered that June 17. Further, Nat plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from the 2015 Bradford Family Watermelon Brandy sales to the creation of a Nat Fuller Scholarship at the Culinary Institute of Charleston which will support minorities as they learn the culinary arts.

We are proud of our finished product and thankful to use it for a purpose larger than The Bradford Watermelon Company. Contact Six & Twenty Distillery for information about purchasing at 864-263-8312 (store hours are noon-6:20).