Bradford10224_smUnfortunately, we have made the difficult decision not to sell Bradford Family Watermelons to the public this year. Our watermelon crop has been severely hit by drought, and consequently, the watermelons on our vines do not represent the quality melons that we like to have for fresh sales. We want the Bradford melons that come from our fields to be true to the historic description of “the best variety,” especially as folks are trying our heirloom watermelon for the first time. We are hopeful that next year will give us a better yield so we can present the best Bradford Watermelons to the market.

Although we won’t have fresh watermelons, we are working really hard to bring a few Bradford Family Watermelon products to the public this fall. Our delicious rind pickles using our Bradford family recipe are coming soon. They are crisp, sweet, and delicious — you’ll want to try some! Also, we have spent three seasons perfecting our Watermelon Molasses and are now prepping it for market. The color is phenomenal and the flavor captures the unique sweetness of the Bradford Watermelon.

Stay tuned for more information coming very soon!