Our Mission

Our purpose: to save lives.

Our mission: to drill fresh water wells all over the world and provide medication to treat waterborne illnesses.

My family and I prayed for guidance on how to use this family treasure in an amazing way that would bring God glory and have great impact in the world. One Sunday morning in church our pastor was sharing about a mission to drill fresh water wells in Africa. He shared a statistic that floored me. Every day around the world over 3000 people die of illnesses from poor drinking water, many of them are small children. That’s one person every 30 seconds. Most can be cured with a 30 cent pill. I imagined one of those grieving mothers losing her precious child. I imagined how painful it would be to lose one of my children that way. Unbearable. Unconscionable. That instant Watermelons for Water was conceived.

We have already seen results! Watermelon sales have provided funding for the drilling of fresh water wells in Tanzania and Bolivia. Plus, our watermelon seeds provide a simple crop to cultivate which gives the people a huge, delicious melon full of naturally purified water.

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