Watermelon Brandy

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Our brandy is handcrafted exclusively from the sweet juice of the Bradford Watermelon and is distilled seasonally in small batches by Six & Twenty Distillery. To purchase, visit Cordial Fine Wine’s website here or contact Six & Twenty at 864-263-8312.



The Bradford Watermelon’s natural sweetness makes it ideal for brandy-making, so The Bradford Watermelon Company partnered with Six & Twenty Distillery to recreate a beverage once lost to history. The brandy is handcrafted in small batches exclusively from the sweet juice of Bradford Watermelons grown by Nat Bradford himself. It boasts a smooth, crisp flavor with a watermelon finish and can be purchased online and shipped to you from Cordial Fine Wine here. It can also be purchased directly from the distiller at Six & Twenty Distillery just south of Greenville, SC. Read more about our brandy here.


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