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(photo courtesy of Jeff French)

Our amazing Bradford watermelon doesn’t require any irrigation or pesticides and can grow in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. It really is amazing. They were planted in the dry season in Tanzania. They were watered at the time of planting to get them to germinate. Now get this — there was no rain until harvest. There was NO RAIN, NO WATER, until harvest! There was no ground moisture for a depth of 3 feet! I’m shocked actually. Our watermelons mined the soil for deep moisture. We were advised that this was not the time of year to plant, but I urged them to move forward with it. And there you go.

God has built in to His creation tremendous resilience and provision. This flies in the face of what modern agriculture teaches. This is precisely what I hope to demonstrate on our farm in Sumter. God has already designed the solutions to our needs. We just need to accept it and embrace it.

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