(photo by Heather Grilliot)

We’ve got some exciting news! We just received word that the Bradford Watermelon has passed international review and is now the USA’s most recent addition to the Slow Food International Ark of Taste. If you aren’t familiar with the “Ark of Taste”, here is an excerpt from their website:

The Ark of Taste is Slow Food’s online catalog of traditional foods that risk extinction in the modern world. The current catalog lists over 1000 products, including, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, animal breeds, breads and sweets from around the world. The Ark was created to point out the existence of these products, draw attention to the risk of their disappearance within a few generations and invite everyone to take action to help protect them.

We are so glad our watermelon has made it to this sort of recognition – one more way to ensure it will live on for generations to come!